“If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed”
John 8:36

What is tying you up

Freedom For You (F4U) is the personal ministry of Bishop Dr Miller.
It is a holistic ministry to the Body of Christ bringing healing, deliverance and setting people free from all forms of bondage and blockages. F4U has been established to set God’s children free from the enemy’s lies in order to realise their full potential in Christ.

F4U is about equipping and empowering people to know who they are in Christ and to walk in liberty and to achieve all that God intended for their lives.

The success of F4U is evidenced by the testimonies of those who have attended our gatherings, why not attend and experience it? You have nothing to loose but your chains!

To find out more call the F4U hotline: 07984492025 or contact us here