What is Manna

Manna was the supernatural food God gave to the Israelites during their 40-year wandering in the desert (Exodus 16). The word manna means “What is it?” in Hebrew.

We collect food from supermarkets to distribute, on a weekly basis, to those in need of food support. We never know what we will be supplied in each pick up, so we can never promise what food will be available. This is why we have adopted the biblical term Manna for our food support programme.


About Foodbanks

Everyday in the UK, people and families go hungry due to a number of reasons, ie redundancy, unexpected bills, debt. etc. Foodbanks have been established as a place where food items, typically basic provisions and non-perishable items, are supplied free of charge to help people in need.


Manna Ministry

We are pleased to serve and participate in the community where we are located and to assist those who are in need. Sozo House of Praise provides what we call “Manna Ministry”. Different from a traditional food bank, fresh food supplies are donated by local supermarkets (Sainsbury’s and Lidl) to our organisation. which we then distribute to those in need of food. This is provided to the surrounding community, visitors and our churches. Manna Ministry aids in the feeding of those within the community who struggle to put food on the table.